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Karlijn Langendijk’s new album Atlas

Inspiring new solo album and music video Atlas, have been released by guitarist Karlijn Langendijk. Atlas is a collection of personal experiences expressed through music. The album is a unique mixture of classical and modern fingerstyle techniques and was inspired by travels throughout different countries.
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Cedar/Indian Rosewood Concert Cutaway

"I have spent over a year with my Cedar/Indian Rosewood Concert Cutaway and I enjoy it more and more each day. This Urlacher Guitar feels "alive" in every register and responds with just the right…

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Camatillo Concert Cutaway for Karlijn Langendijk

It was my extreme pleasure to build this Concert Guitar for fingerstyle guitarist and composer, Karlijn Langendijk. Urlacher guitars, built for fingerstyle, seemed like a good fit for Karlijn's sweet melodies and unique playing style.
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B.I.G! Guitar show in San Antonio, Texas

What an absolute blast I had attending Tom Bowersox's guitar show earlier this month. "Bowersox International Guitarpoloza" is a weekend filled with guitar enthusiasts, guitars made by 10 luthiers, and an impressive lineup of guitarists: Frog and Toad, Dustin Furlow, Karlijn Langendijk and Tony McManus.
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Cedar Concert Cutaway Played by Dustin Furlow

My latest build has made its way to Virginia Beach; in the hands of the incredibly talented fingerstyle guitarist, singer-songwriter, Dustin Furlow. Dustin's playing style brings out the warmth and sweet nuance of this guitar. Check out the video!
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Pale Moon Ebony Parlor Complete

Pale Moon Ebony is like no other wood that I have worked with. The figure and color contrast are mesmerizing. Creative possibilities are endless with this wood. This guitar was specifically built for the 2020 La Conner Guitar Festival.
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Adam Sweeney

East Indian Rosewood Parlor Guitar

"Urlacher Guitars are easily the finest and best sounding acoustic instruments I have ever played. Rebecca has a gift for selecting the perfect tonewoods, and her guitars are capable of producing unbelievably deep, rich, resonant…

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