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east indian rosewood concert guitar

East Indian Rosewood Concert Guitar

“I received my Concert Guitar and…….Wow! Such great tone! A real joy to play. Plus, awesome looking….really elegant. This guitar is so responsive to my finger picking technique. I’m getting everything from soft and delicate, to bold and powerful. It’s a guitar….a harpsichord….a church organ! I’m really astounded by the range of tones and dynamics I am getting. I should mention that I purchased a Parlor Guitar seven years ago from Rebecca. Truthfully, if I just copied the review from my 2011 Parlor Guitar, everything I wrote then absolutely applies to my 2018 Concert Guitar. They have different top woods and different body sizes, so, different tonalities. Both play beautifully and effortlessly. I love them both. What is equal about each guitar is the excellent construction, high quality fit and finish, perfect intonation all across the fret board, and of course……that tone! Rebecca, your lutherie is extraordinary. Thank You!”

Marc Weber — Burnsville, NC — 7/2018

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