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Bellezza Guitar Stands

The Bellezza Guitar Stand is a collaboration between luthiers Rebecca Urlacher and Anders Sterner. It is designed for steel-string acoustic guitars and classical guitars. We both grew tired of clunky metal stands so we decided to invent a wood guitar stand that is beautiful, elegant and functional.

Bellezza Guitar Stands
Bellezza Guitar Stands
Bellezza Stands
  • Since 2006, designed for steel-string acoustic and classical guitars.
  • Guitar securely rests on a cradle form; there is no danger of swaying or stress to the neck from hanging.
  • Finely handcrafted from curly maple or figured walnut. Other wood options may be possible, please inquire for details.
  • Lightweight and portable. A complete stand weighs approximately 2 pounds and disassembles into two parts.
  • Equally well-suited to showcase an instrument at a museum, instrument show or at home. Virtually all of the guitar is visible from any angle.
  • High quality oil finish hand-rubbed to a beautiful luster.
Bellezza Guitar Stands


Bellezza Guitar Stands



  • Bellezza Guitar Stand© $650 plus FedEx Ground shipping

Anders and I make stands according to the types of guitar we specialize in. If you have any questions or you would like to order a stand for a steel-string guitar, please contact me. For a classical guitar stand, please contact Anders Sterner Guitars.

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