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Connor Garvey

East Indian Rosewood Parlor Guitar

“Earlier this year I was playing a show with the fantastic Tracy Grammer and I was absolutely struck by the beauty of her Urlacher Guitar: the tone, playabilty, and the aesthetic! As a professional touring singer-songwriter I’m in the world of guitars but rarely moved by a guitar so powerfully and immediately…this guitar was love at first sight. I asked Tracy about the story behind it and she got me in touch with luthier, Rebecca Urlacher. I got to talking with Rebecca and she suggested that I come play a parlor guitar that she had on hand at her shop. I booked myself a West Coast tour in part to go play that guitar! The guitar was everything that I wanted it to be! This is a beautiful guitar and I’m so wonderfully proud to be playing an Urlacher Guitar out in the world!”

Connor Garvey — Touring Musician — 03/2015

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