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Hawaiian Curly Koa Concert Guitar

Hawaiian Curly Koa Concert Guitar

“I am absolutely enchanted with the guitar. Tone, sustain, volume, resonance, playability are all words I would use to describe my new Koa/Sitka Urlacher Concert Guitar built by Rebecca. My first impression when I opened the case after receiving the guitar was of a visually stunning musical instrument. A superb choice of woods and inlays right down to the bindings. Elegant and beautiful. When I picked the guitar up I was amazed at how light it was. My style varies from blues with a pick to light fingerstyle techniques. The response and sound from the guitar is consistent up and down the neck whether played hard or soft. Equally satisfying was the whole experience with Rebecca from start to finish, step by step. Selecting the tonewood sets to the setting of the action, every detail was handled with the utmost of care in an interactive type of approach. Most Amazing is that the sound of the guitar is mature and “open” for being recently made.

I did not expect this. Surely this has to be the result of Rebecca’s gifts as a luthier, her passion and instincts for what she does.”

John Gardner — Ontario, Canada — 03/2012

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